Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hybrid Delivery in Voc. Ed.

This hybrid training offered at Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board is a new approach to delivering an individualized vocational program, unlike individualized classroom instruction; it is delivered through the Internet. The total duration of the course is 735 hours distributed as follows:
  • 420 hours online
  • 210 hours in person (at the CDC Pont-Viau)
  • 105 hours of internship

The essential part of the course is done online for students geographically distant, training is delivered during set time periods. The online training environment includes tools replicating the interaction of a classroom. The student has direct contact with the teacher, even if he or she is not physically in the classroom. The student must engage in training for 15 hours minimum per week.
The face-to-face part of the training is 210 hours in total and will takes place at the CDC Pont-Viau (6 hours per week). Meetings with teachers and other students will give an opportunity to do simulation exercises, practice software and make summative and formative assessments.

The internship period of 105 hours and is carried out in the workplace, with the supervision of a teacher.

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